Recently, I had the privileged of being asked to give a ‘show and tell’ style presentation, at the Firefly Developer’s Day, held at Radley more

Like many technically minded people, I subscribe to a variety of IT focussed information sources (RSS Feeds, Newsletters etc); one such newsletter being “Powertip of the day” from more

At St Mary's Shaftesbury we use Firefly for our VLE.  I won’t give you a sales pitch on Firefly, but suffice to say, that after a bit of a journey from Moodle through SharePoint we have rested at Firefly – quite simply, at this point in time (history has taught me that things can change!), this product, the company and their approach to IT, is nothing short of excellent.  I like Firefly; I like the chaps and chapesses at Firefly!read more