Ok…I get the whole CSS pre-processor movement; I don’t need convincing of why it is so good.  However, what I do need, is a justification to invest time into learning yet another technology!read more

I must confess to have slightly struggled with the title of this blog post, as I didn’t wish to be responsible for encouraging unnecessary complaints and animosity between clients and web designers!read more

One of my favourite blog posts is “I'm a phony. Are you?” by Scott Hanselman.  I was on holiday in France (here to be exact), when I read this post, and it gave me a wonderful sense of relief - I highly encourage you to read it.read more

At St Mary's Shaftesbury we use Firefly for our VLE.  I won’t give you a sales pitch on Firefly, but suffice to say, that after a bit of a journey from Moodle through SharePoint we have rested at Firefly – quite simply, at this point in time (history has taught me that things can change!), this product, the company and their approach to IT, is nothing short of excellent.  I like Firefly; I like the chaps and chapesses at Firefly!read more

Frankly, I love IT, and web development in particular.  I also happen to be exceptionally fortunate to work as an ICT Systems Manager, for a wonderful employer (St Mary's Shaftesbury) with a great boss (@pearcejim) alongside excellent, appreciative colleagues – the surrounding environment, is also quite heavenly – trust me, it beats working on an industrial estate, just take a look! read more