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Recently I decided to hold a short(ish) staff training session on how to spot internet / email scams. The catalyst behind this, was primarily due to the sheer amount of helpdesk queries being received, pertaining to whether a particular website or email was genuine etc. ➡️

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Let’s face it, information security is important. With more and more data being stored and accessed via the internet, we are becoming increasingly reliant on “third parties” to secure our personal data responsibly. ➡️

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As I have mentioned in previous blog posts, I regularly listen to numerous technical podcasts. A relatively new edition to my listening collection is the information security podcast Risky Business – it’s great! ➡️

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Most users of Office 365 will no doubt be aware of the Clutter folder; for the most part this Clutter folder works pretty well. I’m not intending to go into the algorithmic processes of how the Clutter folder works, in this blog post - even if I could! ➡️

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Recently, we received rather confusing claims from specific users, stating they were receiving certain emails, often days after they had been sent. This behavior was not consistent across the user base. ➡️

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Secure access to a webpage, without the need for a logon, can often be viewed as a bit of a holy grail solution. Recently, I introduced a frictionless (logon free) way of providing secure(ish) access to some very basic web services. ➡️

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Recently, I was asked whether I could provide some assistance with manipulating data, that had been exported from a CAT results test. The problem, had slowly been driving a colleague of mine, very slightly crazy! ➡️

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It recently occurred to me, that whilst my current full-time position is an IT Systems Manager, the majority of my blog posts thus far, have been more web centric – which is great, as I love the web and web technologies! ➡️

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Recently, I had the privilege of designing and building the Wylye Valley Art Trail website. The 2015 trail consists of 75 venues, and in-excess of 300 artists – I’m sure you’ll agree, that’s a reasonable size! ➡️

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Recently, a very good friend of mine (@richieclarkie) decided to return to the IT industry after a 15 year absence. Clearly a 15 year hiatus, is significant in any industry, but especially pertaining to IT, it is arguably exceptional. ➡️

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