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OK….that title was a bit of a mouthful - but it’s a little difficult to categorise what is essentially a kind of hack! Recently, I felt it was advisable to start regularly recording my blood pressure results (comes with age I’m afraid). ➡️

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Having fully migrated our on-prem Exchange to Exchange Online, there were a few little gotchas along the way that we had to contend with - which was to be expected. ➡️

| Tags: Powershell SysAdmin QuickTip Exchange

It’s not uncommon to receive unwanted emails which have managed to work their way through the array of filtering systems in production. Recently our organisation received such an email - a classic phishing email sent to multiple end user accounts. ➡️

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To be honest, as I’m sure any right-minded individual would agree, downloading videos from YouTube for personal gain is wrong. However, there are occasions when it is arguably reasonable and possibly even legitimate to do such a thing. ➡️

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A common issue with supporting a primarily Windows based user body, is that thanks to the “always on” expectation emboldened by smartphones and tablets, it can be a constant battle to try and encourage end users to restart their computers with some degree of regularity - yes IT friends, you know exactly what I mean! ➡️

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It’s been eight months since my last blog post, having taken on a new job, been on the receiving end of a full-on enterprise ransomware attack (that wasn’t nice!) and quite frankly experiencing one heck of a baptism of fire - I felt it was time do write a quick blog post tip! ➡️

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As I have mentioned in previous blog posts, I regularly listen to numerous technical podcasts. A relatively new edition to my listening collection is the information security podcast Risky Business – it’s great! ➡️

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Most users of Office 365 will no doubt be aware of the Clutter folder; for the most part this Clutter folder works pretty well. I’m not intending to go into the algorithmic processes of how the Clutter folder works, in this blog post - even if I could! ➡️

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Recently, we received rather confusing claims from specific users, stating they were receiving certain emails, often days after they had been sent. This behavior was not consistent across the user base. ➡️

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Recently, I was asked whether I could provide some assistance with manipulating data, that had been exported from a CAT results test. The problem, had slowly been driving a colleague of mine, very slightly crazy! ➡️

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