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| Tags: JavaScript UniFi SysAdmin DevOps

Several years ago, we migrated from a Cisco Wi-Fi infrastructure to a UniFi setup. UniFi (from Ubiquiti Networks) offer a pretty remarkable WiFi solution, especially when it comes down to cost. ➡️

| Tags: DevOps PowerShell SysAdmin Script

It’s a sad fact that security can all too often be the poor relative in software and systems design (please note that this blog post is not intended to address system security per se; the OWASP website and / or security expert Troy Hunt’s blog, are good references for that topic). ➡️

| Tags: Schoolbase MIS C# SysAdmin Devops

At St Mary’s we use Schoolbase from Furlong Solutions, for our MIS - we have done so for several years (indeed my understanding is that we were the second or third official school to have the system in production). ➡️

| Tags: PowerShell Website Script SysAdmin DevOps

Recently St Mary’s Shaftesbury had a new website built (I would like to register, that whilst I was actively involved in the project management, I did not design this website). ➡️

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