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Let’s face it, information security is important. With more and more data being stored and accessed via the internet, we are becoming increasingly reliant on “third parties” to secure our personal data responsibly. ➡️

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Recently, a very good friend of mine (@richieclarkie) decided to return to the IT industry after a 15 year absence. Clearly a 15 year hiatus, is significant in any industry, but especially pertaining to IT, it is arguably exceptional. ➡️

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Recently, I had the privileged of being asked to give a ‘show and tell’ style presentation, at the Firefly Developer’s Day, held at Radley College. In truth, I received this invitation with a mixture of pride and anxiety – visions springing to mind of the Michael Bay ‘meltdown’ during his presentation at CES 2014! ➡️

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One of my favourite blog posts is “I’m a phony. Are you?” by Scott Hanselman. I was on holiday in France when I read this post, and it gave me a wonderful sense of relief - I highly encourage you to read it. ➡️

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